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Just a Girl...

Who's Saved the World a Lot

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Name:Buffy Summers
Birthdate:Jan 19
Location:Sunnydale, California, United States of America

Buffy Summers || History

Buffy Summers was called as a Slayer at age 15, and since then she has saved the world… a lot. The first time she did it, the Master drowned her in a cave and, though her friend Xander resuscitated her minutes later, a second Slayer was called. This made things a little tricky for a while, as Buffy juggled her unorthodox Slayer life with her romance with souled vampire Angel. After one night of perfect happiness, Angel reverted to his evil Angelus side and in the end, Buffy had to save the world a second time, by killing Angel just as his soul was restored. A summer spent escaping her destiny in LA ended with her return to Sunnydale for her senior year of high school, where she continued her romance with Angel and dealt with the appearance of new Slayer, Faith. Despite a bit of early bonding, Faith took the darker path and sided with the Big Bad Mayor, causing Buffy to ultimately put Faith into a coma in order to stop her. Buffy saved the world yet again in leading the senior class against the Mayor on graduation day.

College opens a number of new doors for Buffy, as Angel left both Sunnydale and the blonde Slayer. Her relationship roller coaster took a turn with one-night stand Parker before accelerating with Riley, who was part of a secret military organization looking to create a modern Frankenstein’s monster. Apocalypse season rolled around again as the monster began creating an army of demon-human hybrids like himself, and Buffy mystically united with her friends to use the power of the First Slayer to destroy Adam, thus saving the world again. Buffy’s sixth year as a Slayer was one of hardest, with the sudden appearance of her mystically made human Key sister Dawn, the death of her mother, and the end of her relationship with Riley. To prevent hell-god Glory from using Dawn’s blood to open a portal between their world and the hell dimensions, Buffy sacrificed herself, dying in place of her sister and finally embracing her destiny. It was the second time she died.

About four months later, Buffy was ripped from heaven by her well-meaning friends and she spent the next year dealing with her depression and the hardships of being the sole supporter of her family. She had a violently sexual relationship with Spike, who was in love with her, and ended the year by saving the world from her grieving best friend, Willow. Finally, at age 22, Buffy met her match in the First Evil, the evil entity that would always exist and had found a way into the world when Buffy was taken from heaven. Potential Slayers were rounded up and put in Buffy’s care in Sunnydale, and Buffy became a sort of general for the troops, training them and leading them into battle against the Bringers and Turok-Han vampires. Spike reappeared in Buffy’s life, having fought to regain his soul, and was a constant support for her, especially when the Potentials elected Faith their leader and kicked Buffy out of her own home. The final battle against the First ended with Spike’s self-sacrifice and Buffy running over the tops of buildings as Sunnydale was swallowed into the Hellmouth beneath it.

Buffy Summers || Personality
Buffy was the typical California valley girl cheerleader in her early high school years, looking down on those of a lower social class and caring about nothing but what to wear to the next dance. That was before she became the Slayer, a destiny that changed her entire life and the person she would become. Becoming the Slayer and leading a secret life as the world's savior from the darkness allowed her to feel the isolation she'd enforced on others, which later let her connect with social outcasts Willow and Xander, who would become her best friends.

Buffy is a very unorthodox slayer; she was not trained by the Council to put her destiny before all else, and therefore refuses to give up her normal life. She uses her emotions to help her fight, and has friends who help her save the world, instead of depending on only herself. It is perhaps these differences from the typical slayer that has kept her alive for so long; in truth, she's one of the longest-lived slayers in history. But at the same time, she feels even more alone when she is with them, because none of them will ever understand what it’s like for her. That’s the price of being a Slayer.

Buffy has been very unlucky with the men in her life. Her father took himself out of her life when she was a teenager, Angel left her because their love was ultimately doomed, Parker used her for a one-night stand, Riley couldn't handle her being the Slayer, and Spike... Well, Spike was complicated. Because of this, Buffy doesn't have the best confidence in her own ability to have a decent, healthy relationship, and she's somewhat wary of trusting men with her heart.

Buffy no longer feels as close to her friends after the events prior to the battle with the First, when even her sister chose to side against Buffy. She sees it as the ultimate betrayal; they turned their backs on her the moment she failed to be their perfect hero and it will take a lot for her to truly forgive them.

Buffy Summers || Basic Info

Cannon / Type: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / TV Series, Film, Comics
Cannon Point of Entry: Shortly after Season 7 (2003), before Season 8 comics & Angel Season 5
Special Skills: Supernatural speed, strength, agility, and durability. Accelerated healing, heightened awareness of surroundings. Prophetic dreams, collective memories of the Slayers.
Appearance: Short-medium height (5'3"), muscular and slim build, green eyes, long blonde hair, stylish clothing choices.
Distinguishing Marks: Bite-mark scar on the left side of her neck, originally from being bitten by the Master, but then later from Angel and Dracula, respectively.

Played By: Amy
Location / Time Zone: IN, USA / EST
Best Times: Evening, weekends, some daytime
Previously: [ profile] first_summers and So Buffy Met Jack

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"Do-do you think I chose to be like this? Do you have any idea how lonely it is?
How dangerous? I would love to be upstairs watching TV or gossiping about boys or...
God, even studying! But I have to save the world. Again."

-- Buffy Summers, "Becoming, Part 2"

I do not own Buffy Summers or Sarah Michelle Gellar; Buffy is the property of one genius Joss Whedon and Fox Studios, while SMG is the property of herself.

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